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Transformational Selling Skills Training

Learn how top Sales Professionals get consistent results

Transformational Selling Skills Training

ISTI has trained sales professionals from over 230 organisations. From the inexperienced, to seasoned professionals.

We have developed a consistent training schedule which empowers your team to keep learned strategies front of mind, continuing to practice techniques that drive success.

It also helps the team avoid slipping into bad habits, asking incorrect questions, or missing opportunities to build real relationships with prospects.

By applying critical thinking and strategic approach to sales planning and execution, we actively contribute to the overall strategy and potential success of your business.

"In 2014, the conversion on some real estate services was about 35 - 40%, but that number grew to 70 - 80%.
Sales Training from ISTI was key."
Retail Regional Manager, Knight Frank.

Training Content

Session 1: Product Knowledge - SalesREADDYness

  1. Effective selling attitudes
  2. The FABRs of our product
  3. The Magical selling process – SalesREADDY

 Session 2: Sales Presentation Skills

  1. Powerful first impression
  2. Presentation of our products
  3. Handling objections
  4. Closing the sale

Session 3: Sales Pipeline Management

  1. Prospecting for success
  2. Sources of prospects
  3. Sales pipeline process flow

 Session 4: Negotiating for Business results

  1. 5 Traits of a good negotiator
  2. Power: Evaluating the power of your customer
  3. Handling trap questions