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Fundamental Management Skills for Productivity

Effective leadership accellerates change and progress..

Fundamental Management Skills for Productivity

Exceptional business performance is directly linked to the improvement of leadership capability.
Organizations often promote competent managers from within, but fail to provide necessary leadership education to equip them to guide their team successfully.

Leadership training has a trickle down effect - from executive level, to management, supervisors, to the staff level.
With strong leadership, the positive effects will have an impact to all employees.

We coach leaders to connect their customers' needs to what the organization can offer, deep-seated understanding of staff, technological innovations, where leadership is expected to provide vision and deliver grounded action.

"The pilot team was more energised, focused, inspired, and productive. We decided to put the entire team through the Team Building program.."
Head of Human Resource, Savanna Cement.

Training Content

Session 1: Managing Self for Productivity

  1. Organizational foundations [Vision, mission, values]
  2. Call to management
  3. Unpacking Management
  4. “Understanding Self” for management success

Session 2: Understanding Teams for Performance Success

  1. RECAP –Work Place Assignment
  2. Teams…The what, why and so what
  3. The art of Coaching for performance success (peer coaching)

Session 3: Backstopping / Work Place Coaching

  1. Individual Performance Coaching

Session 4: Commitment to Success

  1. Conflict Management Skills for business success
  2. Performance Status [Current Dashboard]
  3. The role of the management productivity program
  4. Our Commitment going forward: Self, Team